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Sully Island

                    HIGH TIDE                                                                   LOW TIDE

Sully Island is a small tidal island at the hamlet of Swanbridge, Vale of Glamorgan, four hundred and fifty metres off the northern coast of the Bristol Channel, midway between the towns of Penarth and Barry and 7 miles (11 kilometres) south of the Welshcapital city of Cardiff. Access to the island is on foot at low tide from the car park of the Captain's Wifepublic house.

The rate of tidal rise and fall in the area is the second highest in the world: only that of Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia is greater. A rocky causeway connecting the island to the mainland is uncovered for approximately 3 hours either side of low tide, the island being cut off from the mainland for the rest of the day. This makes Sully Island a potentially dangerous place, and many people have been swept off the causeway while trying to leave the island as the tide rises very rapidly. All visitors to the island must exercise care and due diligence.

For recommended causeway crossing information please contact Swansea Coastguard  01792366534
For further information on tide times please go to this link